Frequently Asked Questions

Q. The drone would not take off.

A.1.Check whether the propeller is installed reversely; if not, check whether the transmitter has been unlocked. This is easy while extremely important. Most customers have been stopped at this step.

2.Check whether receiver has been bound with the transmitter.

3.Check whether all the ESC are synchronous; if not, connect flight controller to the computer and calibrate ESC one by one to make

sure all the ESC are synchronous.

Q.How to unlock the transmitter.

A.Toggle flight mode switch (G) to one gear up, at this time, the drone is in self-leveling position. The flight controller will beep to indicate arming was successful. Please note “Lock” will disarm the aircraft, any other mode will arm it.


Q.The aircraft beeps and there is no response for RC drone when pull the throttle.

A.1. Before power on the drone, transmitter must be in lock status. 2. Make sure the receiver has been successfully bound with the transmitter.

3. Check whether the data in flight controller has been lost when finish the above 2 steps. If lost, please rewrite them in according to the default parameter on the CD included inside the package.

Q.One motor has different speed with others. (the problem usually occurs when the throttle is put to 70%-80%).

A.Firstly check whether the propeller is screwed tightenly, then calibrate ESC one by one, if this still does not solve the problem, put the drone in horizontal and calibrate the sensor (refers to manual for detailed procedure).

Q.There is one or two motor/ESC does not work during flight.

A.1.Check whether the connection between motor and ESC are correct, sometimes long distance transportation or multiple test flight might cause the wires become stripped off, so as to be short circuit.

2. Pick off all the propellers, hold the drone in your hand, then put

the throttle at 100%. If there is serious vibration, you need to reset the flight controller (please refer to manual, which tells how to set the parameter on FC)
3. Connect ESC to the throttle channel of receiver to check whether the motor works; if motor works correctly, then there might be some problem with the flight controller; if the motor can`t work correctly, both ESC or motor might be have been damaged. If you have any other flight controller or ESC, you can try to swap them on this drone, then the problem can be figured out.

Q.The 700TVL camera does not work properly.

A.Check whether the camera is powered by 12V voltage.

Other voltage power supply might burn the camera.

Q.Sometimes there is noise on the brushless motors.

A.There might be some dust entering the motor after several times flight, so you need to clean the motor each time when going out for fly. In addition, for such electronic products, the daily maintenance are necessary, for example, the bearings need to be lubricated oil now and then.

Q.The Video TX will be burned after installing or the signal of the Video TX will disappear during fast fling.
A.Usually, the drone needs to be took off within 2 minutes after powered on. If the drone does not take off for a long time, the video TX is incapable of heat dissipation, which might caused burnt of the video TX.

B. Not install the antenna might cause damage of the video TX.

Q.The receiver on RC Drone flashes red light.

A.Make sure to set the same frequency between the transmitter and drone.

Q.The RC drone is unstable and will become sloping during flight.

A.Check whether the throttle is in central position, if not, put it in

central. If this is not the issue, try to reset the flight controller according to the manual, make sure the drone is in horizontal when doing this process.